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North Dakota/Minnesota EB-5 Regional Center joins the EB-5 Rural Alliance

In recent years, as the EB-5 program has exponentially grown and the majority of those projects located in gateway cities. This has been an important step in the EB-5 program to show the growth potential of the program. However, as the program nears the sunset date of September 30, 2016 it is imperative that meaningful reform takes place to preserve the integrity of the program, as well as bringing the program back to its true intentions.

In order to ensure the program works for all communities, not just those in gateway cities, the North Dakota/Minnesota EB-5 Regional Center has joined forces with numerous other regional centers and developers in the creation of the EB-5 Rural Alliance. The EB-5 Rural Alliance is designed to help advocate for EB-5 projects in rural and impoverished areas. For more information, please contact


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